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Kevin's Trekker Inn
--Zhongdian Yunnan China

 Kevin’s Trekker Inn is best described as a small guest house with a personal touch. We find time for every guest, and it is our pleasure to accommodate good-humored requests whenever it is in our power to fulfill them.

We believe that the atmosphere of a guest house is really important. In fact, at Kevin’s Trekker Inn, we consider that the relationship with our guests is our biggest asset. Many come to us based on recommendations from people who have already stayed here

Some people stay only a few days, others find enough interesting things to do for a week. There’s really no recipe, and we want to make your stay an enjoyable one - whoever long you choose to spend in town

The location of our Inn allows our guests to have one of the most beautiful view of Shangri-la's Old Town. Situated on a hill directly facing the Old Town's golden temple, and large Tibetan prayer wheel (the largest in China), the relaxed atmosphere of our Inn is unmatched in Shangri-la. Our Inn has safe dormitory rooms for single travelers, as well as private rooms with two, or three beds and an individual bathrooms with a shower. We offer up to date travel information in English, bicycle rentals, 24 hour hot water and clean bathrooms, laundry service, internet access, and daily meals including fresh Yunnan coffee in the morning, and a family style dinner in the evening.


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Kevin's Trekker Inn
Da Wa Road Zhongdian, Yunnan, China
Tel: 86-887-8228178
E-mail: kevin@kevintrekkerinn.com